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Music festival at Schweibert Riverfront Park. – Quinn Kirkpatrick/Small Wonders Photography
Perrot State Park, Wisconsin – iStock / John Brueske
Cruise on the mighty Mississippi River aboard the Celebration Belle. – Quad Cities
Wood ducks in Stillwater Bayou within Dahomey National Wildlife Refuge. – Larry Pace
Young kayaker exploring Long Branch, an oxbow lake, within Tallahatchie National Wildlife Refuge. – Robin Whitfield

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The Mississippi River, ancient and constantly brand new, curves, loops and squiggles its way through the heart of our land. On its roughly 2,400-mile journey from northern Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, it touches ten states and grows from a fragile stream into a river of heart-stopping dimension and power. From the deeply carved valley of the Upper River, through the rolling hills of the Midwest, through the unbroken flatness of the Delta, to the marshy lowlands of Louisiana, the Mississippi courses through astonishing diversity in both landscapes and cultures.

Welcome to this grand tour of the Mississippi River corridor. Whether you are looking for a great day trip or the sojourn of a lifetime, you’ll find it here. Choose a region that intrigues you and click on the interactive map to reveal all that it offers. Follow the links to make your reservations now or wish, dream and save it to your My Trip Ideas folder, then create a Trip Plan. You just might find that planning your Mississippi River adventure is almost as much fun as taking it!

~ Gayle Harper, Missouri-based travel writer and photographer

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The Science Museum of Minnesota
The Science Museum of Minnesota

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The Working River
The Working River

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Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site
Historic or Prehistoric Place: Battlefields, Civil Rights, Historic Homes and Gardens
Cahokia Courthouse State Historic Site
Historic or Prehistoric Place: Historic Site
Trail of Tears State Park
Historic or Prehistoric Place: Historic Site
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